Indiana and Northwestern Ohio Corn is Maturing Nicely – August 10th

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Published August 23, 2010 | By admin


Strip-Till is Showing a Decent & Profitable Advantage in 2010


While we worked three days in corn and soybean fields to assist growers understand the finer points of the strip-till system aspects. This year with use of a wise approach to deep banded fertilization with the strip-till rig we are seeing in 9 out of 10 fields prepared this way having a 5 to 20% gain in kernels (560 to 670)on each ear. How that translates when the combine gets into the field will be the truth of matter. Yet we stand firm that this should translate into improved yields. These kinds of numbers were consistent in full width tillage versus strip-tilled corn with very similar fertilization of N-P-K.

We looked at fields that got in early in the April time frame when the soils were dried and temperatures were ideal to plant. The growers we worked with are optimistic and grateful for the fields looking good at this time.


So what some may say? Growers in this geographic region say they have spent less manhours, burned less diesel, applied less N and maybe P and K and seeing these results at 33K stand counts with corn ears like described above. This gives them cause for smiles and dollars to be made. One grower told us he only spent 1.7gpa of diesel to strip-till and plant. Does that resonate with you? We hear this all across the entire Corn Belt from Pennsylvania to Colorado and it tickles the ears of bankers folks.


Talk to your friendly Orthman Strip-Till implement providers at Farm Progress, Farm Science Review or Husker Harvest and get the lowdown. Find out more if this kind of farming can be on your farm for 2011.




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