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Published September 28, 2020 | By Mike Petersen


With soybean harvest into full swing in Nebraska and states all across the Corn Belt we are very pleased with the results of this years soybeans. They were strip tilled 10 days prior to planting and then planted on April 29th, 2020. With the abundant amount of sunshine this years, our soybeans that Pat McNaught nurtured with four irrigation events, the month of August continued to bless east Central Nebraska with sunlight and not scorching heat – the beans did well. This year we followed our own advice as well as our advisor John from Nutrien to spray as a foliar application of a slow release nitrogen, fungicide and a ‘secret sauce’ that spurred at R3 pod set like few have seen before. Thousands of the plants put on 5 to 7 pods per node on the last couple of nodes high up in the plants architecture. We were pleasantly surprised and pleased.


The good folks from AKRS John Deere helped with the Orthman Soybean harvest this year


Our lowest yield was 77.7bu/ac. and it went up from there. Highest was 93.5bu/acre with an overall average of the field where the plots were was 83.3bu/acre. Moisture averaged 12.1%. The root system under these beans was nothing short of superb with laterals going out to 9-12 inches on either side of the main taproot. The taproot sank itself over 38 inches deep which for beans in this part of the world that is exceptional. We planted 2.3 to 2.8 soybeans for you that are asking with the 2.8’s tipping the mark at 93.5bu/acre. All accomplished September 23rd.


I attribute the beans doing so well as we had employed the Orthman 1tRIPr to set the stage for a big root system, good water management with Pat getting to the first water earlier than so many folks surrounding his farm and monitoring the soil moisture conditions. Treating soybeans like the buck-toothed, redhead stepchild of a wild person was not our plans. They responded well to good management and the late foliar application. Next year weather permitting Pat says look out 100 bu/acre ceiling, we will shatter you.


So now it is a game of patience for all of us at Orthman and the McNaught family to stick the snout of the 8row Deere combine head in the field and get after our plots and bulk corn. We will keep you informed of the results here on PrecisionTillage.com and also the Orthman FaceBook page.


May you all have a happy and bountiful harvest this October.


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