Orthman 1tRIPr Demo Near Lyon, France – Week of February 25, 2011

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Published March 3, 2011 | By admin


On the outskirts of the city of Lyon, France we ran a demo in 2010 corn stalks and manured field on an 8th generation same family farm. The grower was very pleased with the results. Over 60 people showed up, as well as 10 students and their instructors from a local Agricultural Technical College. The glacial outwash soils, even as wet as they were worked beautifully and we showed how this system would be a benefit to these French farmers.


The days before we demo’ed the 1tRIPr north of Lyon approximately 30 km to a large group of growers and showed in heavier textured soils that the 6 row strip-till operation was 6.4L/ha of fuel consumption (here in United States that is 0.7gal/ac). The grower was using the monitor from his Fendt tractor to offer that information. He expressed to us that strip-till could save him more than 50% of what he has been burning to prepare his soils for planting, he was excited and impressed. It was a pleasure to see a number of the French growers have a desire to change from the moldboard plow and multiple operations they complete every spring.




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