NEW ! Strip-Till Compared with Conventional Plow-Disk-Finisher Continuous Corn at Colorado State Agronomy Farm – 2010

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Published December 14, 2010 | By admin


Strip-Till Gives a Top Showing in Side-by-Side Trial … Dec. 14, 2010


The study to compare strip-tillage and conventional plow-pack-disk and finish in furrow irrigated continuous corn is in. The 14 acre field on the ARDEC facility north of Ft. Collins right off Interstate 25 showed signs that the Strip-Till was going to join the party late. Yields were almost neck and neck with the strip-till topping out at 182bpa and the conventional at 175.6bpa. Moisture was 13.0% with the Conventional and 14.1% with the strip-till across all plots. Each plot was weighed for bushel weight also. Strip-till was 55.6 lbs and the conventional was 56.7lbs.


The amount of fertility applied was the same between both tillage types. The corn grown was a Fontanelle 98 day hybrid. The team desired to have a bit shorter season corn due to last years late drydown and harvest in 2009.


The 2011 season the plots will be located on a different field due to some room and rotation issues for the duration of the project. The CSU team was successful in landing a grant from the USDA-NRCS to look deeply into irrigation issues in the strip-till environment for furrow irrigated growers.


The fall tillage practices for the 2011 project and plots was completed the first week of December 2010 after some of the corn stalks were removed by baling stalks. The goal was to remove 50% of the aftermath and observe the effects in 2011 for planting, irrigation and yield.


We will keep everyone abreast of the progress and we encourage growers to follow up especially those of you who irrigate down furrows using gated pipe or open ditch.




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