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Published November 16, 2019 | By Mike Petersen


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Orthman Mfg, Inc stand with the USA Pavillion


Today is the last day of this  seven day event (maybe it feels a touch longer November 10–November 16), to show our technology and equipment to the all the European geography, Mid-East, Mid-Asia, Australia and some African nations.  Challenges to work to communicate in five and six language barriers  everyday but farming crosses many boundaries and we get the job done.  Our team from the home office in Lexington, Nebraska USA have met with numerous folks from associated companies to extend our technology and solid iron products to other markets that are quite different than the Corn Belt from Colorado to New York.  Twenty-seven of the thirty plus building complex are filled with every imaginable piece of machinery or component you can think of is here, might be in building 17  but it is here folks.


A very active time when a group of German farmers were speaking/asking 101 questions that would handle liquid slurry manure with the Orthman 1tRIPr before a crop of maize.  Questions of why manure is beneficial, why mineral dry fertilizer may have other attributes that applying manure misses.  Manure in Germany has to be incorporated via rules of the government within 1 hour of taking it from the manure pit.  It has to be tested for all the chemical components as well as for pathogens on the biological side.  Then there is a enormous quantity of swine, bovine and chicken waste that has to be taken care of in much of Europe.  Timber handling, to bearings and then to plastics – folks it is here.


We at Orthman Mfg. have shared our Precision Tillage story to growers, dealers, specialists, salesmen of the Strip-Tillage System that are coming to the realization that too much tillage in many countries has greatly diminished soil quality and it’s health.  Compaction is a world-wide concern that effects growers with nutrient uptake, water use, crop yield, fuel consumption and impacts the bottom line — generally quite negatively.  I have had interesting conversations about the lack of understanding of the microbiologic concerns so many have and that Orthman has a part to play in helping growers do a better job of growing crops in their soil system.


The numbers of folks that attend this show/exhibit nears 500,000 this year.  Spanish, English, German, Kazak, Uzbeki, Russian, Ukranian, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Afrikaan, Chinese, Japanese and Oklahoman has been languages we have encountered. Those are the ones I can remember.


We will get back with everyone stateside next week.  We have learned a great deal and will have gained good information that will take the business and technology of Strip-Tillage and cultivation far into the future.



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